About SportCity

About SportCity


The all-in-one sports destination

We’re all about making fitness easy. We believe you can make progress towards achieving your goals every day. So, why not start today?You’re eager to get fit and healthy, but also want to relax and enjoy yourself! Luckily, SportCity has a wide range of facilities and a pleasant and family-minded atmosphere. Feeling comfortable at the gym and enjoying your activities? That’s what keeps you coming back.SportCity members have access to every SportCity facility and service, at any time. No wonder over 93% of our members would recommend us to a friend!

Get Started! But first, let’s sit down to talk about your goals

Let's sit

Our Get Started Program is perfect for finding your way around our club. But we’ll not only show you our lockers. We schedule an individual intake to talk about your desired results.

Getting fit is personal, so our instructor will put together a customized training program, based on your needs. Let’s get the most out of your membership and hit those targets!

How SportCity will make your workout a habit

Our offer is varied and highly effective

  • Use our Get Started Program to quickly build your routine

  • Get unlimited fitness and access to all facilities in all our gyms

  • Choose our fun group exercise classes given by a certified instructor

Easy to fit into your weekly schedule

  • Extended opening hours: to fit your busy everyday schedule

  • Choose any SportCity gym that’s near you: we’re open 7 days a week

  • In-house childcare: get your kids looked after by our professionals, while you get some me-time

Get your body and mind in shape

  • Wellness facilities for some much-deserved relaxation

  • Squash for instant bonding and burning calories

  • Enjoy our 10-minute abs workout (buikspierplezier) every hour

  • Body & Mind workout programs (largest offer in the Netherlands)

You’re welcome to try it for four weeks, without any further obligations.

Have you heard about our LES MILLS ™ group exercise classes?

Do you enjoy working out in a group and make some friends while you’re at it? We’re very proud of our varied group fitness Les Mills ™ program:

We offer other great group lessons, such as:

BodyShape: abs, legs and glutes Bootcamp: indoor or outdoor training with strength and cardio exercises Pilates: effective workout for a healthy and strong body Spinning: varying cycling classes with energizing music SuperCycle®: 30-, 45- or 90-minute cycling show with SuperCycle instructor Yoga: inner peace and a flexible body Zumba: swinging fitness and aerobics with a high fun factor

Now. Let’s find you your perfect subscription

City Fit 1-year

City Fit 1 jaar

1-year membership Only € 59,99 per 4 weeks

You’re looking forward to getting fit and healthy in the next 12 months. Our instructors are here to assist you in reaching your personal goals. Our wellness areas await you post workout.

Promotion: First 6 months for only €29,99 per 4 weeks and no joining fee.

Yes, I can't wait to get fit

City Fit 6-months

City Fit

6-month membership Only € 59,99 per 4 weeks

You are ready for a 6-month challenge. Enough time to fully get to know our clubs and enjoy everything we have to offer. From our wide variety of classes to our super chilled wellness areas.

Promotion: First 2 months for only €29,99 per 4 weeks and no joining fee.

6 months sounds perfect, let's do this

City Fit Flex

City Fit Flex

One-month cancellation period Only € 59,99 per 4 weeks

Leaning towards a more flexible approach? No problem, a month to explore our clubs will surely convince you. With this flexible membership you are able to end your subscription on a monthly basis. 

Promotion: No joining fee (€ 39.99)

Yes, this fits my needs perfectly

City Fit Student

City Fit Student

1-year membership Only € 39,99 per 4 weeks

Committed students looking to stay in shape should consider City Fit Student. Exercise and relax at our SportCity clubs at a greatly reduced rate.

Promotion:  No joining fee (€ 39.99)

Yeah, I am a City Student
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